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Why Our New Boothless Photo Booth System Is Going To Be The New Standard For Fun Photography

I was involved in the initial rollout of photo booths in Edmonton in the early 2000s. I mean... stuff existed in the 90s that could be considered a photo booth, but it wasn't until about 2003 that the technology became small enough to be easily transported from place to place, and affordable enough to be cost-effective to own and operate.

I digress...

Photo booths continue to be a huge hit at events of all types! People love getting pictures with their family and friends, they love the goofy props, and they especially love having a physical memento to cherish from the wedding they attended. It's really special, and it's something that we've enjoyed being a part of.


Everything has a shelf life, and we think that photo booths have just about reached their expiry date. Enter; The Boothless Photo Booth! Or; The Social Photographer! It's so new, we haven't even completely settled on a snazzy name.

Here's how it works:

We set up one of our 30 different backdrops and a table of props (optional), just like a regular photo booth. Except, instead of a camera-in-a-box, the pictures are taken by a live photographer who can also roam and capture pictures anywhere in the venue. Once a picture is taken, the guests in the picture can tag themselves in the picture and add contact information (email or phone number). They'll then receive that picture directly on their mobile device. Here's where things get really cool:

Those guests never have to enter their contact information again. The software - presumably designed by wizards - will recognize those guests in every picture that any of our photographers take of them for the rest of the event, and send them their pictures automatically as they're taken.

Pictures will be branded with your event - be it a wedding, corporate event, etc. - so that when guests share the pictures on social media, which they will, people will know exactly what they're up to and how much fun they're having!

Optionally, guests can print their pictures at our mobile print kiosks right from their cell phones.

It's a photo booth... and candid photography... in one amazing service! And, we're able to offer it at a lower price than a traditional photo booth. Click here to check out our explainer video to learn more.

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