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Thinking of doing an iPod wedding? Could it be that you actually don't know what a DJ does?

While I think the reasons why people should hire us over other DJ companies are pretty self-evident, sometimes, I need to explain to people why they should hire a DJ for their wedding at all. It's difficult because most people who hire us are hiring a DJ for the first time and they don't know so many things. They don't know;

  • What a DJ does

  • How and why music is mixed professionally

  • Why a DJ plays certain songs at certain times

  • How the ever-changing social dynamics at an event can impact dancing

  • What all of a proper DJ's fancy equipment is for

  • How poor quality equipment can ruin a good time

Let's start with what a wedding is. When you take all of the pomp out of it... it's a dinner party.

Dinner + party. There are your TOP priorities; make sure the food is good, and the party entertainment is top tier. Simple. However, a lot of the time, the entertainment is the very last thing on the list, and often times, it's something that couples didn't budget for at all.

A DJ - at least, a proper DJ - is doing so many things that an iPod can't do, starting with actually paying attention to what's happening on the dance floor and playing specific music to match that energy, or to encourage things to get crazier or less crazy, depending on the moment. An iPod can't do this.

A proper DJ is providing high quality equipment that they actually know how to use. Do you know how to use your cousin's college roommate's ex-boyfriend's abandoned speaker system that he can get you for cheap? No, you don't, and if something goes wrong, you'll have absolutely no idea what to do. A DJ is using professional equipment that they're familiar with and that you can rely on.

A proper DJ is also equipped with a massive music library and extensive music knowledge so that they're ready for anything. Did you know that your auntie has been taking swing classes with her boyfriend? Did you know that in high school the best man and his buddies had a choreographed dance worked out to Backstreet's Back? Were you even aware that the bridesmaids had a flashmob planned for you? Trying to prepare an iPod playlist that's going to cover all angles is absolutely impossible.

A proper DJ is removing the gaps between songs! People cannot dance to awkward silence and fade-outs. A proper DJ is beat-mixing tracks so that not only is there no silence between tracks, you won't even miss a step during a transition!

A proper DJ is going to ensure that the BEST songs of the evening are played at the BEST possible moments; not when everybody is outside, or seated. Further to that point, a proper DJ is paying attention to which genres are working and which ones aren't.

If I had a dollar for every apology I've received from people who didn't hire a professional DJ for their wedding, I could retire. An iPod wedding is typically a fight waiting to happen as everybody is going to want to pick the next song once they realize that there's no DJ, and everybody's at home and in bed by eleven.

Remember; dinner + party. Those are your priorities. There is nearly NOTHING that can go wrong at a wedding that is going to result in guests leaving EXCEPT crappy entertainment. If we suck at our job, or if there's no entertainment at all beyond an iPod plugged into something, I assure you, people will leave.

Whether you hire us or not, seriously consider hiring a proper, professional DJ for your wedding!

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